This video was made in a very light informative way because I have rebuilt my life better after this (not always the case for women), but if I had left the copper iud in longer, the extremely serious unlisted symptoms I had could have eventually killed me. It was sad that I had to figure it out on my own and advocate for myself at the time in the state I was in with this iud. I’ve been through scary health issues in my life, this was by far the worst of my life.
I made this video not intended to scare but to bring much needed awareness to the very serious unlisted side effects of the copper iud. I feel obligated to share as sharing my story has already helped other women, and helped them get back after their lives have been destroyed by this. Everyone’s body is different.
Everyone has a right to know all the possible side effects and possible adverse events before they agree to a procedure. This iud should not be blanket approach and distributed to every woman. Women’s reporting should be taken seriously and I personally cannot support a product when there have been deaths from this, families separated, and I was unaware of any of this or the possible dangers. There are no warnings in the packaging except “this is not a complete list of possible side effects”. This keeps even the most well meaning doctors without huge chunks of information on the safety of this product.

When I say “voices” ( the best way to explain it) I was having dark thoughts that were not my own.
Side effects I had with the copper iud:
debilitating paranoia, anxiety, mind racing, Vision-y thoughts in the front of my head, tremors, obsessive dark thoughts and thoughts of suicide, exhaustion, personality shifts, heart palpitations, irrational behaviors, crying (severe depression), mania.

It might look like: Pure-OCD, OCD, Schizophrenia, mania, anxiety disorder, extreme panic, personality shifts/disorder, depression.

I was later told at the Hall Center that copper is a reactive metal/mineral and it works as birth control by oxidizing (looks like rusting). They would not use copper in any other medical procedure (not even in a piercing shop) for this reason. It is put in women because they found that copper acts as a spermicide. I recommend the Hall Center for women going through this in Southern California as they have seen this reaction to the copper iud in women before and know how to help you. You are not alone!

I had been off any form of contraception except condoms for 3 years before trying the copper iud.
It came on gradually and all at once and it took me a long time to link it to the iud.
I’ve have had the iud out since June 2017. I’ve been completely symptom free for a year and a half.
My interview with The Femedic:



*Year Two: Healing from Heavy Metals and Copper Toxicity.

FFP 073 | Copper Toxicity, IUDs and the Birth Control Pill | Julie Casper



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