Top Homeopathy Medicines for Arthritis, Joint Pain

Top Homeopathy Medicines for Arthritis, Joint Pain

In this video we unveil the top doctor recommended homeopathic mediines for arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain

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Now lets get to the top Homeopathy Medicines for Arthritis, Joint Pain
First lets examine SINGLE REMEDIES for Arthritis
#1. Rhus Tox
Thus toxicodenderon treats joint pains in cases of reactive arthritis. Stiff, swollen, hot, painful joints indicate the use of this medicine

#2. Causticum
For rheumatoid arthritis where there is a joint deformity. Tearing pain in affected joints. Warmth may help in relieving the joint pain.

#3. Calcarea Phosphorica
medicine for managing osteoporosis in rheumatoid arthritis. This medicine helps in strengthening weak and brittle bones

#4. Bryonia Alba
an important medicine for managing pleurisy (inflammation of connective tissues ) in rheumatoid arthritis. well-indicated for treating swollen joints with pain that worsens from motion. Rest relieves the pain

#5. Pulsatilla Nigricans
For shifting joint pains, the arthritic pain appears in one joint and rapidly shifts to another. Any joint may be involved, but arthritis affects mainly the hip, knees, and feet joint

#6. Doctor’s Arthritis Kit
A combination of 5 essential homeopathy remedies; internal medicines, external application oil and bio-chemic therapy salt (BC 19) for effective relief from the debilitating symptoms of arthritis

Now lets examine SPECIALTY REMEDIES for Arthritis treatment
#1. Adel 4 apo-Rheum drops
indicated for gout, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, sports injuries. Resolves painful, inflammatory sensations caused by soft tissue rheumatism

#2. Dr.Reckeweg R73
indicated for osteoarthritis especially of the large joints, vertebrae. Arthritis of the knee & hip joint. This formulation influences the metabolism of Cartilage in particular

#3. Super Pain Oil
This strong medicated oil is prepared from 100% natural and 9 pure pain-healing ingredients. Oil made of Eucalyptus, Til , Clove, Mustard, Neem, Garlic, Camphor, Castor, Peppermint

#4. SBL Drops no.6
A clinically proven medicine for arthritis, joint pain. Contains Berberis vulgaris 3x, Dulcamara 3x, Nux vomica4x, Rhododendron 3x, Rhus toxicodendron 6x

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