some special complications and risks of wisdom tooth extraction – a bloodless cartoon

some special complications and risks of wisdom tooth extraction – a bloodless cartoon

What are the risks of an operation to remove impacted wisdom teeth?
We would like to explain some special complications in the removal of lower wisdom teeth. The animation ( video ) explains the violation of the lingual nerve, adjacent teeth and tongue nerve

The video is intended for general information only and does not replace the need for personal advice from a qualified health professional.

spoken text:
Normally removing wisdom teeth is practice. But even there complications may appear. At the moment we are producing a trick shot about such complications and we ask the youtube audience in this stage for their comments.
A possible complication is the damage of the neighbouring tooth. This one may be squeezed and damaged during removing. In case of doubt, we try to separate the tooth, so that the single parts can be taken out safer.
Another complication may be the damage of the nerve of the lower jaw. It leads stimuli from the lip to the brain. This risk is much higher, if the roots of the tooth go very closely to the nerve. The risk and how to avoid it. you can understand the best by means of a sectional drawing. The nerve is located in the middle of the lower jaw. The wisdom teeth are usually at the side of it. It gets more difficult if the roots of the wisdom tooth are bended and twisted in the direction of the nerve. If such a tooth is removed, the nerve may be damaged. Even more demanding is it as soon as the roots grab around the nerve, similar to small hooks. Then the tooth is separated and the single parts are removed. Therefore, we use fine ultrasonic drillers and enlargers like the operation microscope.
Another important structure is the nerve of the tongue. lt passes by an the inside of the mandible under the mucosa. Often this nerve is far away from the operation wound.
But sometimes the wisdom tooth is located at the inside of the lower jaw. Even the nerve of the tongue may pass by in an unusual high position. In this case the driller comes very closely to the nerve. To avoid a contact between the driller and the nerve of the tongue we put in a special instrument for protection.
With this film we wanted to show you the most relevant risks that are specific with removing lower wisdom teeth.
Finaliy we want to emphasize, that permanent complications alter having had such a routine intervention are fortunately very seldom and furthermore it is an important duty for the operating surgeon to reduce the risk as well as possible.


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