Should pregnant women avoid being in hot water and cold water?

Should pregnant women avoid being in hot water and cold water?

You wanted to know if there’s a concern for pregnant women when it comes to swimming in cold water. You know that there’s a concern with hot water, and that is true. We worry about pregnant women becoming overheated, and just one of the reasons is that it increases your heart rate. It shunts blood to other parts of your body and may reduce blood-flow to the uterus and, ultimately, the baby. And as a pregnant woman, it’s harder for you to cool down, and that increases the chances of you passing out. It’s especially important for you to stay out of hot tubs, and also to avoid super hot baths during the first trimester, because there are some studies that show that it could potentially increase the chances of neural tube defects, because that’s when the baby is developing at a rapid rate.

As far as going swimming in a cold pool, there’s not really a concern as long as you’re at a comfortable temperature. And especially in the summer, if you’re pregnant and you need a way to cool down, that’s a great thing to do – go to the pool. And for so many reasons, it’s good. Number 1, it does lower your body temperature and make you more comfortable on extremely hot days. And also when you get in the water, it lifts all that weight up, and you become lighter, and this can be really good for your back, for sore ligaments, for sore joints, and so it’s good for many different reasons. If you have any other questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at and recommend us to your friends and family too.


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