Self Mobilization for SI Joint Pain Relief -MoveU

Self Mobilization for SI Joint Pain Relief -MoveU

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Do you or someone you know have lower back or “SIJ” pain? This little maneuver will help to stretch the hips and lower back and may even result in a self-mobilization or “popping” sound. This popping sound is similar to cracking your knuckles. If you have a lot of instability in your pelvis (one glute that is weaker than the other, one hip flexor that is weaker than the other, etc) then your sacroIliac joint (SIJ) can get aggravated and “locked.” This stretch can help to provide some temporary relief for the lower back, but if the imbalance is not addressed, the pain will most likely come back. Use a stretch like this to help reduce pain so that you can do your corrective exercises.

If you find yourself doing this kind of stretch or “release” exercise every day, multiple times a day, it is time to stop doing it and focus on strengthening the muscles around the pelvis and hips. Continuing to pop your joints every day may create more instability in the area. For any joint in the body, if you constantly “crack” your knee, hip, back, neck, shoulder, etc throughout the day, it is a clear indication that you have not been moving efficiently. For the case of the lower back and SIJ, most people have one glute, hamstring, hip flexor, QL, or abdominal muscle that is weaker than another. This results in a twisting of the pelvis, hips, and spine and can misalign joints.

Focus on figuring out what your weak points are. Pay attention to the strengthening videos that we post. If you are looking to really Fix Yo Shit and understand your body, head over to to learn more!

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