Self-Massage for Carpal Tunnel Pain

Self-Massage for Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal tunnel massage can help break down scar tissue in the carpal tunnel ligament in the hands and wrist. This can help relieve painful symptoms like numbness, tingling & limited grip strength.

Karen Miller, PTA, shares different self-massage techniques to alleviate pressure on the wrist tendons and median nerve. Follow these techniques to treat and prevent your pain:

Effleurage Hand Massage Technique (Warm-Up)

1.) Start by massaging the palm of your hand. Use light, circular motions in between the bones and soft tissue.

2.) Flip your hand over and perform the same massage, using either moderate or firm pressure to ease the pain.

3.) Use circular motions to work your way up the forearm, making sure to massage in between the two bones of the forearm until you reach your elbow.

4.) Work your way back down to the wrist and pull the wrist away for an added stretch.

Milking Technique:

1.) Take your fingers and pull them away from your hand at the joint. Except for the thumb, pull each finger three times and apply firm pressure at the joint as tolerated.

**Remember, massage is a long-term solution and is much more effective over time.**

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