Rheumatoid arthritis vs Osteoarthritis and treatments

Rheumatoid arthritis vs Osteoarthritis and treatments

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In this video, Dr. Harry Adelson discusses the differences between Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis and the best treatments on the market. Stem cells have been extremely effective in the treatment of arthritis for years. The difference between Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis is that one is considered an autoimmune disease and the other is caused by overuse of the joints.

At Docere we have been using them to treat musculoskeletal pain for over 10 years with hundreds of testimonials which you can check out on our Youtube channel.

Traditionally, doctors get paid by the insurance companies once they show proof of injury on either an MRI or X-ray. The problem is if nothing shows up on the X-ray the doctor will pass it off as non-specific pain. What we have found is that the actual problem lies in the deep micro-tissue fibers. Sometimes, because of severe or repetitive injury, the muscle fibers get put back in place incorrectly and the nerve pathways cannot pass freely through them. This causes the invisible pain that you are feeling. By injecting stem cells into those affected areas, your body can correctly repair itself.

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