Intra articular hip joint injection with viscosupplementation

Intra articular hip joint injection with viscosupplementation

Intra articular hip joint injection with viscosupplementation

Bio-surgery is basically defined as the practice of using biological replacement materials or biomaterials in place of synthetic materials in a surgical procedure for the purpose of reconstructing or sealing tissues within the body.

Such synthetic materials include the likes of Goretex, Dacron etc.

These bio-surgery products are generally used in procedures like hernia repair, plastic reconstructive surgery, closure of holes in the heart, support for neural tissue, alongwith orthopedic applications such as tendon and ligament repair.

Meanwhile, synthetic viscosupplementation is a process of replacing the hyaluronic acid, which is a critical component in the composition of synovial fluid. It functions as a joint lubricant and aids the absorption of joint loading forces.

Synthetic viscosupplementation comprises of either cross-linked or non-linked hyaluronic acid. A large variety of synthetic viscosupplements are available, each with the same constitution.

Injections are generally administered once a week over a span of 3 to 6 weeks and can be repeated as frequently as every 3 months. These injections reportedly reduce intra-articular bradykinins and inflammatory mediators and inhibit nocicpetors. Studies indicate that the effects of such studies can last longer than 6 months with this procedure.

As a consultant in pain medicine at the Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust in London and Medical Director of the London Pain Clinic , Dr Chris Jenner works daily with patients who suffer from some of the most common, painful and yet misunderstood conditions to affect people around the world today.

Alongside a raft of professional qualifications and more than 15 years’ experience in the specialised field of pain medicine, Dr Jenner possesses a true passion for his subject, a fact which is not only evident through his commitment to using the very best cutting-edge treatments, but also through his desire to understand the impact of acute and chronic pain on the everyday lives of his patients.

Dr Jenner’s experience in treating conditions such as spinal pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis has led him to become one of the leading authorities in his field. Using a holistic approach and a variety of treatments which typically combine medication with minimally-invasive pain management procedures, he works with his patients to restore a pain-free existence, higher levels of physical function and a vastly improved quality of life.
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