Can you get adjusted when you are pregnant

Can you get adjusted when you are pregnant

Have you ever wondered if chiropractic adjustments are safe for pregnant women? Dr. Mike Weiner, owner and chiropractor of Optimal Spine and Body in Alpharetta, GA explains the benefits of adjustments during pregnancy.

During the third trimester, the rate of low back pain/pelvic pain increases dramatically. Most pregnant women have low back pain during this time as the pelvis and spine gets ready for the delivery of the baby. The hormone Relaxin gets released to allow more motion of the sacroiliac joints, pelvis, and lumbar spine to allow proper positioning of the baby. This can increase the chance of pain – especially if the baby is not positioned correctly.

Adjustments have been shown to help with pain during pregnancy along with allowing more room for the baby to fit. This then decreases the chance for breach presentation or posterior presentation. The normal position for the baby should be vertex (head down facing the back) with the spine along the left side of the pregnant woman.

Dr. Mike Weiner uses an activator and other low force techniques to effectively adjust pregnant women. The patient in the video has no more instances of low back pain, pelvic pain, GERD, dizziness, and upper back pain.

If you wanted to see if adjustments may be right for you while pregnant, call the office at 770 274 4840 or go to the website at to have a free consultation with Dr. Mike Weiner. He will spend 10 minutes of his time to see if any of your health issues can be treated effectively by adjustments. Just mention this video when you come in.


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