Another case of coronavirus confirmed in S. Korea, bringing total to 28

Another case of coronavirus confirmed in S. Korea, bringing total to 28

신종코로나 28번째 확진자 발생…3번 환자 지인인 중국 여성

We start with the latest on the coronavirus outbreak.
Just hours ago, South Korea reported one new confirmed case of the virus.
For the latest, we have our Choi Jeong-yoon on the line for us.
Jeong-yoon, what do we know about the latest case?
Jiyoon, this is the information we have so far.
We know South Korea’s 28th confirmed case is a 30 year-old Chinese woman.
She’s suspected to have contracted the virus from an acquaintance of hers,…the 3rd patient, a man from Wuhan in his 50s…who was found to be infected on January 26th.
She was under self-quarantine when she was tested positive for the virus.
So far, four of the 28 patients in South Korea have been discharged from hospital… as the 11th patient, a 25 year-old male, was given the green light to go home on Monday after making a full recovery in ten days.
The Korea Centers for Disease Control says it will continue to inform the public when a patient is taken out of isolation and discharged from hospital.
Isolation is only lifted when a patient is deemed to have zero possibility of spreading the virus, which is generally when the patient shows no symptoms such as pneumonia, high fever and breathing problems.
When all the symptoms have gone,… the patient is monitored for 48 hours and has to test negative for the virus twice in a row.
A patient is then discharged from hospital after being approved by doctors.
And this new case comes as the government is sending a chartered flight to Wuhan tonight to evacuate more of our nationals.
That’s right. Officials say South Korea’s third chartered flight to Wuhan will depart Incheon International Airport at 8:45PM, local time, to bring back some 170 South Korean nationals stuck in the city.
This time the South Koreans in Wuhan will be joined by their Chinese family as well.
The Chinese government did not allow Chinese citizens to get on the previous two planes chartered by South Korea, but Beijing changed its policy last Wednesday.
Once home, the group will be quarantined for two weeks at Joint Forces Military University in Icheon,… Gyeonggi-do Province… a 90 minute drive from Seoul.
South Korea brought back some 700 South Korean nationals from Wuhan on the two previous chartered flights late last month.

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