4 Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency- Dr. Nupur Sood

4 Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency- Dr. Nupur Sood

Vitamin D deficiency is very common these days. Almost every second person is coming up with these problems and everyone knows that Vitamin D is affecting the bone health, so the commonest symptom that everyone understands and for which you will easily approach a doctor would be a persisting low back ache or a joint ache and pain. But besides that we also should understand that Vitamin D has an important role to play in the immune system. So if you are having repeated infection, for example repeated respiratory infections, it is a subtle symptom of Vitamin D deficiency. So having repeated infections is the second symptom. The third is having a very generalised or a sensation of easy fatigability of unable to carry on routine one day activities which you were otherwise carrying on easily. Ofcourse it could be symptoms of many other things such an anaemia or thyroid deficiency, but even a Vitamin D deficiency should be looked into. The fourth symptom which is again very subtle an very easily missed signs of depression. If you are feeling that you are getting easily burned out or easily depressed, it may be an early sign of Vitamin D deficiency itself so don’t miss out on these minor hints and do get to your doctor and get these levels corrected.


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