4 SI Joint Mobility Movements

4 SI Joint Mobility Movements

If you have chronic #sijointpain or suffer from #sijointdysfunction give these 4 spinal mobility movements a try👇🏽

1️⃣ Knees Side to side – lie on your back with your knees bent and let them fall from side to side as you breathe deeply.
2️⃣ Cross Body Leg Stretch – like on your back, bring one leg up and across the body and hold as you breathe deeply. Repeat other side.
3️⃣ Spinal twist – sit up with legs out in front and bring one leg close to your chest. Hold with your arm for extra leverage and look over the shoulder. Breathe deeply and feel the stretch in your lower back, Glutes and spine.
4️⃣ Cat Cow – get on your all 4’s and allow the breath to guide you as you round out your back and shoulders and extend back into a cat like stretch on the exhale.

Do these 2-3 sets and 20-30 seconds each side a few times a week for release. If you sit a lot throughout the day give these a try!
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