30-Min HIIT & Abs – Fitness Programs for Women In Menopause

30-Min HIIT & Abs – Fitness Programs for Women In Menopause

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Join the girls and I in this 30-minute HIIT and abs workout for women in menopause (but, if you ain’t in menopause you’ll still love it). Jump and no jump options given.

Tools: nothing

1. Pop up, reach up, squat
2. Squat thrust, pause
3. Squat & jump forward & back
4. 2 shuffles with squat thrust
5. L leg repeater knee
6. Jumping jacks
7. R leg repeater knee


1. Side plank + clams
2. Side plank + leg lift
3. Other side plank + clams
4. Other side plank + leg lift
5. Butterfly crunches


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