📗RUQYAH for HAND PAIN & Problems (e.g.Paralysis/Arthritis/rheumatoid..)due to EVIL EYE)SIHR

📗RUQYAH for HAND PAIN &  Problems (e.g.Paralysis/Arthritis/rheumatoid..)due to EVIL EYE)SIHR

💡If The Person is victim of black magic,sihir,sihr,evil eye,envy, nazar,hassad/mass (jinn possession), then she/he may express some symptoms when She/he listen to Ruqyah: please visit my channel to know what those symptoms are.Click on the playlist: Ruqyah(audio):Diagnostic and symptoms.
For more Ruqyah about other sickness, please click the playlist Ruqyah (audio) for physical sickness OR RUQYAH(audio) for psychological sickness.
⚠️Do not listen to ruqyah when you are driving or cooking because some patients can lose conscience when they listen to ruqyah. Do not worry most of patients express moderate symptoms that fade away after few days/weeks. Those symptoms are the work of the Jinns(devils).They do not like ruqyah so they bother the patienst To make them stop listening
📕 Also,The same Jinn who gives the symptoms of the sickness, increase those symptoms during the ruqyah to intimidate or convince the patient that the ruqyah is not working. It is a battle of patience, it is you or the jinn who will win. So be patient, those symptoms will disappear after few days to few weeks and the situation of the patient will improve.
📗 Be patient, continue listening your ruqyah. SOMETIMES, it takes few months before you notice a very satisfying result. You can introduce other audio ruqyah like surat al bakarah, surat al fatihah, surat al falak & surat annas in the INTENTION OF CURE.
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RUQYAH for HAND PAIN & Problems (e.g.Paralysis/Arthritis/rheumatoid..)due to EVIL EYE)SIHR/EVIL EYE/ NAZAR


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